Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Why I Love Social Media


      Something strange happened to me while i was taking a shower earlier in the morning, normally i just dash in make it a quick one and blaze out before you can say " Dame Jonathan". But i decided for no reason though to take my time and wash off, the way the HoT ladies in those delta soap T.V advert always do. I just wonder how they do it ? because i got so bored at first, then suddenly a song popped into my head !

It was a blissful moment i must say, nonetheless i ain't attempting that again.

    Back to the main focus on this beautiful day which is "social media" that is best understood as a group of new kinds of on-line media, which share certain characteristics;

PARTICIPATION: social media encourages contributions and feedbacks from anyone who is interested.


OPENNESS: most social media services are open to feedback and participation. They encourage voting, comments and sharing of information. Limits to accessing and making use of contents is minimal.

CONVERSATION:     whereas traditional media is about “broadcast” (content transmitted or distributed to
an audience) social media is better seen as a two-way conversation.

COMMUNITY: social media allows communities to form quickly and communicate effectively.
Communities share common interests, such as a love of photography, a political issue
or a favourite TV show. 

social media thrive on connectedness, making use of links to other sites, resources and people. Thus providing you the means to have incredible access to
information which you seek.

Since we live in an age where fusing technology and information optimizes the way one works, for positive
return of investments.It's only logical to join the social media revolution.

A good way to think about social media is that all of this is actually just about
being human beings. Sharing ideas, cooperating and collaborating to create art,
thinking and commerce, vigorous debate and discourse, finding people who
might be good friends, allies and lovers – it’s what our species has built several
civilizations on. That’s why it is spreading so quickly, not because it’s great shiny,
whizzy new technology, but because it lets us be ourselves – only more so.


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