Saturday, 14 July 2012

How To Live The Urbane Way


           While i was asleep i dreamt about a haircare product for men which i bumped into "on-line" that quite frankly, i felt will finally resolve my bad hair issues. A lot qualities really compelled me into making a run for it; the packaging was quite exquisite, it appealed to me, and i really dig the vibe of the dude that was used to advertise it. Here; let me show you a picture of the product so you can see the reason why i was blown away.
Yeah  i am as amazed as you are ! Especially when i was about to apply it to my hair and saw that i was white when i looked into the mirror. I was like  HELL NO and literally slapped myself till i woke up. Weird dream right ? i guess so.

But it's only a matter of time before the THOREAL comes out, don't look at me like am crazy though i love sarcasm, i love having and creating a good laugh. I see it as an URBANE  way of living, it keeps you refined and calm that is why i love naija we really know how to create sarcasm out of everything that occurs ; bad or good  but let's work of the timing of joke thats when it becomes pretty effective.

So what is the blog about? that is the question on your mind. The Urbane Mind is a mind that exhibits true refinement in character is motivated by sophistication in action it takes, and displays professional courtesy
at all times. It's a lot to ask for some people might be wondering but if you can't do without your sophisticated bold 5 blackberry smart phone, why can't you be bold enough to grow a sophisticated mind.

I ain't dissing no one its merely a challenge because the urbane mind is in all of us. The mind is power house of the human body every great achievement ever recorded started from the mind, a positive and beautiful one to be precise. It takes a while to develop one but it's worth the effort and time i guarantee you.
 Starting from today five days a week i shall be sharing valuable contents on:
  • Liferules - simple ways of just living your effectively. Times are crazy enough already you live only once drake says i mean King Sunny Ade said back in the days, if you doubt me search for it, download and listen. Good-luck with your search  though !
  • Social media- i love social media because i am a social media manager and it's just for that reason, it provides a lot of opportunities to publicize yourself on-line (personal branding) besides i want to make money ! So lets see how we can fuse information and technology together and make some KA$HIN.
  • Urbane fashion trends for men- As i always say looking good is a way of life. An URBANE look brings out your style and personality or as the world calls it Swag.
  • Entrepreneurship- Lets hire ourselves! work is no longer a place we go to..... it's what we do, so i shall be focusing the spotlight on young and promising entrepreneurs for inspiration.
  • Publicity- If you have any events/functions, shows, services/products you would like to publicize this blog provides a platform to create an awareness for it.
  • Sales and deals- i will showcase different items  (products and services) am sure you will have interesting.
I make it simple as you can observe but pretty significant. Its an interactive blog so please don't shy away from saying what you feel, gotta bounce catch you guys later and remember to stay URBANE.

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