Monday, 30 July 2012

How To Keep It Simple But Significant (Your Style)

     Truth be told this quote is self-explanatory. Your style dictates the level of influence you have on people around, and  not just the style or elegance with which you cultivate your looks but also on the manner you go about in your everyday activity.

Your style and your personality is what dictates your class or swag as the world calls it (but i prefer the word class). It is an expression of who you really are especially for those who choose to be stand out, instead of blending in with the crowd.

Some folks refer to the quality in such persons as "over-sabi" well....... i call it opulence !

So when you see such a person he doesn't need to talk too much, his style speaks for him. It is just the urbane way of living.

Embrace your style bro, always go for what you gives you maximum comfort and sets you miles apart from the rest.
 So you don't have to speak to much, instead save that energy for action. The main goal is to master the art of keeping simple and significant.


An urbane way of life requires the urbane looks which is based on the urbane trends in the present. People we meet everyday always address and rate us based on the way we look. It's only logical to showcase your own style and personality whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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