Sunday, 22 July 2012

Personal Branding And Enterpreneurship; The Connection

        My regular blogging schedule was interrupted by a hacker/ nerd whom i suppose is comfortably chilling in a remote location, sipping on redbull, while he/she invades unsuspecting persons system and wrecks havoc. I try to analyze their minds to see why they take absolute delight in what they do and it seems there appears to be a commonality of "power" for hackers. Apparently they want to show people what they can do and, i at the same time wish they could give me just one opportunity to show them what i can do !

Officially i have a number of people/things on my list that  i don't like;
  1. Zombies 
  2. Toyota prius
  3. Lagos Danfo drivers and 
  4. Hackers.    
That's why i got the weapon as you can see to show them what i can do ! Even the THOR of the Avengers can't lift this hammer.

Entrepreneurship takes center stage today since its part of our weekly feature on this blog. It is a topic i find have found very entertaining for a while to say the least and as the years went by i became motivated to into developing an entrepreneurial spirit.

In this country you must hire yourself  because work is not just a place you go to, it is what you do, it is what you are.

Therefore it is only logical to engage in something you enjoy doing, you become your business and your business becomes you. In this modern times its all about branding, the more exotic the branding and packaging, the more you can confidently charge.

 When it comes to starting and growing a business, there's one kind of equity that can't be measured in naira: which is  "brand equity". A strong personal brand that dovetails seamlessly with a business and has the power to turn customers' perception into profits is most important for entrepreneurs who often start businesses with nothing more than an idea and a firm handshake.

The initial self-belief and confidence is the basis of personal branding, taking a step back away from the crowd to see who you really are, to see yourself differently. Its a tough job to engage in because it's not a destination, it;s a lifetime job.
Mr Alder credited with introducing branding as a discipline in Nigeria

Leke Alder blew my mind to bits with the level of personal branding he has engaged in.
As a matter of fact the name LEKE ALDER is a brand !

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