Monday, 30 July 2012

How To Keep It Simple But Significant (Your Style)

     Truth be told this quote is self-explanatory. Your style dictates the level of influence you have on people around, and  not just the style or elegance with which you cultivate your looks but also on the manner you go about in your everyday activity.

Your style and your personality is what dictates your class or swag as the world calls it (but i prefer the word class). It is an expression of who you really are especially for those who choose to be stand out, instead of blending in with the crowd.

Some folks refer to the quality in such persons as "over-sabi" well....... i call it opulence !

So when you see such a person he doesn't need to talk too much, his style speaks for him. It is just the urbane way of living.

Embrace your style bro, always go for what you gives you maximum comfort and sets you miles apart from the rest.
 So you don't have to speak to much, instead save that energy for action. The main goal is to master the art of keeping simple and significant.


An urbane way of life requires the urbane looks which is based on the urbane trends in the present. People we meet everyday always address and rate us based on the way we look. It's only logical to showcase your own style and personality whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Act Of Giving And Taking In Entrepreneurship

Where,s he running off to ?!

  And the games officially kicked off in London yesterday. I actually missed it though, because i felt it was gonna be the say same old display, like the previous opening ceremonies. Well to be frank i don't remember watching the previous opening ceremonies for the past Olympic games or even the world cup.

It's always takes too long .... I'm always like goshhhhh just get on with it already ! Our naija people never fail to represent as usual especially those dudes who wearing shades by 11 pm in the night. They were coming from a Dbanj concert that is the only logical conclusion, we are   still right behind you Team Nigeria.

I love creativity even before i actually understood what it meant, mainly because it portrays one as being original. I held that notion in my head till i bumped into this definition “Creativity is…seeing something that doesn’t exist already. You need to find out how
you can bring it into being, and that way be a playmate with God.” - Michele Shea

It sure does take courage especially when you want to become an Entrepreneur. The absolute belief that people will actually buy into the goods or service you intend to offer takes a while to build on into once mind.

On my blackberry messenger when going through my updates i always notice hilarious display pictures on some of my contact's profile.
Is it Morroco or Osadebe that made this song ?
I was compelled to see more for myself so i went to the site myowndp.com, which seems to be the source for the pictures and saw the many Dps that were available for free download. Different pictures for different moods giving people the chance to express themselves on their BBM profiles.

Very creative and funny pictures i must admit and a catchy name for a site which will make the it stick to your head. But on instinct i began trying to analyze how the income flows in for this on-line business.

Don't blame me it's just a reflex, all thanks to my igbo blood. So obviously the heads behind this on-line enterprise where targeting a potential area, which is the creating a business-page service.

The Myowndp.com Team
Basically an organization, a musical artiste, seeking to build up it's brand equity, depending on your target market could use this service. Because the business page will provide a platform dedicated to your brand where your fans/customers can download display pictures expressing their love for your brand.

People love pictures, they simply offered the pictures for free which lead to increase in traffic unto their site thereby promoting the awareness about business page services, that they can offer to BRANDS. Very creative ... talk about the act of giving and taking.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

How Bad Do You Want It ? (Urbane Life)

      You know; i have this friend who should have being on the entire series of the Fast and the Furious. He loves speed, power and balance, i know what you are thinking yeah he drives a BMW ! No matter how much i try to beg him while i am on my knees to just slow down he gives me the Vin Diesel look and says ..... Buckle up.

I can't lie i do enjoy the speed (140 km/hrs  to 200) especially when we are rushing somewhere, but i make it clear to him "you've got to pype down bro". I admire the way he goes for what he likes whether it is accepted by people or not, he can't be bothered. He once told me when he pushes a car to the limit and it responds well,

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Social Media Lesson From TFAMasterclass

 A picture can say a thousands words "they say" . Well truth be told it sure does and that,s why currently we are so hooked up on visual contents, especially on social media platforms.

This viral trend i must say, motivated Mark Zuckerberg into purchasing Instagram. We just like snapping "photo" especially you ladies, i notice some people have treat their twitter profile like its a blackberry messenger........ true story.

David Meerman Scott. categorically stated why blogging is the key to on-line marketing, quoting him he said "the rules of marketing & PR have changed. Now buyers are finding answers to their problems on-line. They search Google, read on-line portals and news sites and are active on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Your buyers watch YouTube videos, listen to bloggers’ advice and opinions, and visit company websites. Are you reaching them?

 The Future Nigeria decide to put together a seminar at Tera culture V.I Lagos on the 25th of July                 ( yesterday). The event was tagged #TFAMasterclass and was facilitated by flourishing on-line personalities to help unravel the secrets of blogging.
Omojuwa and the HOT Ikeji (facilitators)

Noble Igwe (facilitator) and also Banky W bro i guess !
I couldn't make it to the venue but i was able to follow the live twitter feed series #TFAMasterclass

The very information i had being searching for a while just flowed in which given by Cheta Nwanze, who mentioned that.... 3.17 million Nigerians (people who log on from Nigeria) are on Facebook. 18 million are on Twitter. 4.5 million are active BB users.

You can imagine the potential your business stands if you have a social media manager, who can  warm your Brand into hearts of the 4.5 million blackberry users. Just a thought !

Click here for more analysis from the facilitators.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Color Of A Power Suit

    I laughed out very loud when i came across the picture at first but then i began to imagine, if i should give such a reply to a fellow who confidently wears he's or her tats what will the response be like? I believe it all depends on the mindset of the individual wearing the tattoo, basically it's all about perception of how one See's once self that motivates us to make  choices.

Apparently the person who composed this sarcastic writing sees him or herself as a Ferrari, a sophisticated or urbane person so to say. The tattoos is a minor issue when speaking in general, we could apply this concept in other areas of our lives, before making critical decisions.

         We continue the lookout on the URBANE trends for men. You have to keep up with the times, look the path, and keep it polished as a hobby ! What other way can you appear suave than to be seen in a SUIT.

Yes you have to suit up ! Every man needs at least one suit that exudes power, prestige and classic refinement. The power suit is a vital component of any man’s wardrobe regardless of his profession because it serves as his modern-day suit of armor.

The ideal color of a suit that makes a person stand out has got to be the Grey suit. A  Grey suit is the good way to start a man’s formal wardrobe. With an array of gray hues—from the dark charcoal to the silver light grey suits - gray suits are indispensable classic suits.

Grey suits are like the blacks and navy blues in terms of exerting professionalism. The grey suit gives lesser expense when it comes to selecting the perfect match of shirts and ties. The Grey suit actually has a broader choice of apparel to match with since it fits well with any kind of color and shade that will sure enough give a dramatic effect to the suit.
 With regards to the shade of Grey suit, charcoal is a recommended choice for formal wear. And in choosing grey suits it is best to first check on the fit that would accentuate the body.

But the best shade of grey suit that i, can classify as the power suit, has got to be the metallic grey. 
Grey is the Color.

If you feel grey suit is  not the ideal color for a power please feel free to share your thoughts.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Sales And Deals You Can't Ignore.

      PUSHXCLUSIVE LTD; a luxury shoe line is celebrating it's one year in business. And in recognition of this achievement, they are prepared to offer a 30% discount off their PUSH shoes to their loyal customers.

A fair deal i must say, considering initiative taken to  give back to their customers irrespective of the number of years they have being in operation.

Regardless of that reason, i have being monitoring the PUSH brand for quite a while and it's has being a privilege to witness the immense growth in just a year. It's quite astonishing considering the clientèle base they seem to be operating on .

The PUSH Visionary

 The PUSH anniversary promo was launched on the 21st of July and will be on till the 31st of July. I got myself a customized pair already.... yeah am that vain sue me !

So go get yours ASAP before the stocks run out, it sure should make an ideal collection for the summer. It comes in various colors and designs for HIM and HER (unisex)

Lady PUSHXCLUSIVE (velvet)
The Lady PUSH (Customized)

To find out more about  PUSHXCLUSIVE pay a visit to PUSH fan-page  www.facebook.com/pushxclusive
 follow on twitter @ipushon , By E-mail

 You can also call PUSH hot-line ; 08062292168 to place your orders

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Personal Branding And Enterpreneurship; The Connection

        My regular blogging schedule was interrupted by a hacker/ nerd whom i suppose is comfortably chilling in a remote location, sipping on redbull, while he/she invades unsuspecting persons system and wrecks havoc. I try to analyze their minds to see why they take absolute delight in what they do and it seems there appears to be a commonality of "power" for hackers. Apparently they want to show people what they can do and, i at the same time wish they could give me just one opportunity to show them what i can do !

Officially i have a number of people/things on my list that  i don't like;
  1. Zombies 
  2. Toyota prius
  3. Lagos Danfo drivers and 
  4. Hackers.    
That's why i got the weapon as you can see to show them what i can do ! Even the THOR of the Avengers can't lift this hammer.

Entrepreneurship takes center stage today since its part of our weekly feature on this blog. It is a topic i find have found very entertaining for a while to say the least and as the years went by i became motivated to into developing an entrepreneurial spirit.

In this country you must hire yourself  because work is not just a place you go to, it is what you do, it is what you are.

Therefore it is only logical to engage in something you enjoy doing, you become your business and your business becomes you. In this modern times its all about branding, the more exotic the branding and packaging, the more you can confidently charge.

 When it comes to starting and growing a business, there's one kind of equity that can't be measured in naira: which is  "brand equity". A strong personal brand that dovetails seamlessly with a business and has the power to turn customers' perception into profits is most important for entrepreneurs who often start businesses with nothing more than an idea and a firm handshake.

The initial self-belief and confidence is the basis of personal branding, taking a step back away from the crowd to see who you really are, to see yourself differently. Its a tough job to engage in because it's not a destination, it;s a lifetime job.
Mr Alder credited with introducing branding as a discipline in Nigeria

Leke Alder blew my mind to bits with the level of personal branding he has engaged in.
As a matter of fact the name LEKE ALDER is a brand !

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Why I Love Social Media


      Something strange happened to me while i was taking a shower earlier in the morning, normally i just dash in make it a quick one and blaze out before you can say " Dame Jonathan". But i decided for no reason though to take my time and wash off, the way the HoT ladies in those delta soap T.V advert always do. I just wonder how they do it ? because i got so bored at first, then suddenly a song popped into my head !

It was a blissful moment i must say, nonetheless i ain't attempting that again.

    Back to the main focus on this beautiful day which is "social media" that is best understood as a group of new kinds of on-line media, which share certain characteristics;

PARTICIPATION: social media encourages contributions and feedbacks from anyone who is interested.


OPENNESS: most social media services are open to feedback and participation. They encourage voting, comments and sharing of information. Limits to accessing and making use of contents is minimal.

CONVERSATION:     whereas traditional media is about “broadcast” (content transmitted or distributed to
an audience) social media is better seen as a two-way conversation.

COMMUNITY: social media allows communities to form quickly and communicate effectively.
Communities share common interests, such as a love of photography, a political issue
or a favourite TV show. 

social media thrive on connectedness, making use of links to other sites, resources and people. Thus providing you the means to have incredible access to
information which you seek.

Since we live in an age where fusing technology and information optimizes the way one works, for positive
return of investments.It's only logical to join the social media revolution.

A good way to think about social media is that all of this is actually just about
being human beings. Sharing ideas, cooperating and collaborating to create art,
thinking and commerce, vigorous debate and discourse, finding people who
might be good friends, allies and lovers – it’s what our species has built several
civilizations on. That’s why it is spreading so quickly, not because it’s great shiny,
whizzy new technology, but because it lets us be ourselves – only more so.


Monday, 16 July 2012

How To Conquer Each Day Of Your Life.

                  How To Conquer Each Day Of Your Life.

    Everyday when i wake up i say to myself ; what will i do if today is my last day on earth ? and the answers just keep flowing into my head. All the goals i had set and all the dreams i so passionately want to achieve keeps me energized, gives my mind momentum to be able to keep on PUSH'N. So i simply just live for the moment, shoot for the stars and hope for only the best.   Every 10 minutes ago is the past and that compels me to live purely for the moment.

              Who cares if my day turns out to be unpleasant.... i am the master of my emotions and they,re all in check.

What kind of man will i be if i can't control my own thought ? The human mind is a stream of consciousness, positivity must be all that flows in it . I take pride in my social intellect, it navigates my mind to be always stay URBANE

Even though i make mistakes in my various endeavors i am glad for i tried and that's what matters
You only learn how to do things right by doing it wrong initially, i know it sucks but the experience gained will count for something.

I work out to look good for the ladies, my six packs is about coming out just hold on it's not a myth. The abs ain't just for sex appeal though, they constitute my core, the center point of my body which gives one balance.

I embrace the mysterious side of me i see it as a lifestyle for alluring and mesmerizing people whom i encounter.      

My focus is always my success as i visualize each morning living that luxury life without having any attachment to it.

Belief if the first step, reality soon takes over. That is the urbane personality that conquers your day............. Words from strange guy !

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Refined Colorblocking For The Urbane Man !


    Few hours ago i was listening to Trey Songz's latest track; heartbreak and i kept the song on repeat, it,s a habit of mine, i always play a good song i come across until i get tired of it. I might not be so into the words of the song, just a cool beat to keep me nodding my head while i work is all i need. But Tremaine's wordings on this track really got me thinking, if i should ever fall in love and have my heart broken .... again !  I,ll lock myself indoors and place a " leave the food and go away mat" on my doorstep. Seriously i,ve got a door mat with those inscription.
Anyways moving on to the main agenda or preferably the main focus of the day, which is on; colorblocking as an urbane trend for men.  I remember how my bro used to say, “don’t wear orange pants with a pink tee, unless you want to feature as an extra in a music video shoot for Awilo Longumba alongside Denrele.
Well i had to force myself to forget what my bro said even though he was my style mentor, by picking up an interest in something called ‘Color Blocking!

The most stylish trend of this season, as per all the fashion magazines, from Elle to GQ is color blocking. It is as the word says, putting blocks of colors next to each other to create a colorful, bright, dazzling outfit. Which does not mean that you use ten different colors in one go, and make yourself look like a walking reason for people to point and just have a good laugh.

I just admire the confidence with which he strikes a pose and probably fellow to perform a stunt, by snapping him "photo" for the display picture on he's blackberry messenger. Gosh i feel like plucking my eye out !

Pick two-three interesting colors that look fabulous together, like purple and burnt orange, or turquoise and yellow, or sky blue and chilli red, and so on. To be frank i have no idea what does colors look like i can't identify a turquoise colored car if it climbs my feet.

If you are not a fan of the bright colors like i am but you want to colorblock and keep it subtle

Saturday, 14 July 2012

How To Live The Urbane Way


           While i was asleep i dreamt about a haircare product for men which i bumped into "on-line" that quite frankly, i felt will finally resolve my bad hair issues. A lot qualities really compelled me into making a run for it; the packaging was quite exquisite, it appealed to me, and i really dig the vibe of the dude that was used to advertise it. Here; let me show you a picture of the product so you can see the reason why i was blown away.
Yeah  i am as amazed as you are ! Especially when i was about to apply it to my hair and saw that i was white when i looked into the mirror. I was like  HELL NO and literally slapped myself till i woke up. Weird dream right ? i guess so.

But it's only a matter of time before the THOREAL comes out, don't look at me like am crazy though i love sarcasm, i love having and creating a good laugh. I see it as an URBANE  way of living, it keeps you refined and calm that is why i love naija we really know how to create sarcasm out of everything that occurs ; bad or good  but let's work of the timing of joke thats when it becomes pretty effective.

So what is the blog about? that is the question on your mind. The Urbane Mind is a mind that exhibits true refinement in character is motivated by sophistication in action it takes, and displays professional courtesy
at all times. It's a lot to ask for some people might be wondering but if you can't do without your sophisticated bold 5 blackberry smart phone, why can't you be bold enough to grow a sophisticated mind.

I ain't dissing no one its merely a challenge because the urbane mind is in all of us. The mind is power house of the human body every great achievement ever recorded started from the mind, a positive and beautiful one to be precise. It takes a while to develop one but it's worth the effort and time i guarantee you.
 Starting from today five days a week i shall be sharing valuable contents on:
  • Liferules - simple ways of just living your effectively. Times are crazy enough already you live only once drake says i mean King Sunny Ade said back in the days, if you doubt me search for it, download and listen. Good-luck with your search  though !
  • Social media- i love social media because i am a social media manager and it's just for that reason, it provides a lot of opportunities to publicize yourself on-line (personal branding) besides i want to make money ! So lets see how we can fuse information and technology together and make some KA$HIN.
  • Urbane fashion trends for men- As i always say looking good is a way of life. An URBANE look brings out your style and personality or as the world calls it Swag.
  • Entrepreneurship- Lets hire ourselves! work is no longer a place we go to..... it's what we do, so i shall be focusing the spotlight on young and promising entrepreneurs for inspiration.
  • Publicity- If you have any events/functions, shows, services/products you would like to publicize this blog provides a platform to create an awareness for it.
  • Sales and deals- i will showcase different items  (products and services) am sure you will have interesting.
I make it simple as you can observe but pretty significant. Its an interactive blog so please don't shy away from saying what you feel, gotta bounce catch you guys later and remember to stay URBANE.