Monday, 16 July 2012

How To Conquer Each Day Of Your Life.

                  How To Conquer Each Day Of Your Life.

    Everyday when i wake up i say to myself ; what will i do if today is my last day on earth ? and the answers just keep flowing into my head. All the goals i had set and all the dreams i so passionately want to achieve keeps me energized, gives my mind momentum to be able to keep on PUSH'N. So i simply just live for the moment, shoot for the stars and hope for only the best.   Every 10 minutes ago is the past and that compels me to live purely for the moment.

              Who cares if my day turns out to be unpleasant.... i am the master of my emotions and they,re all in check.

What kind of man will i be if i can't control my own thought ? The human mind is a stream of consciousness, positivity must be all that flows in it . I take pride in my social intellect, it navigates my mind to be always stay URBANE

Even though i make mistakes in my various endeavors i am glad for i tried and that's what matters
You only learn how to do things right by doing it wrong initially, i know it sucks but the experience gained will count for something.

I work out to look good for the ladies, my six packs is about coming out just hold on it's not a myth. The abs ain't just for sex appeal though, they constitute my core, the center point of my body which gives one balance.

I embrace the mysterious side of me i see it as a lifestyle for alluring and mesmerizing people whom i encounter.      

My focus is always my success as i visualize each morning living that luxury life without having any attachment to it.

Belief if the first step, reality soon takes over. That is the urbane personality that conquers your day............. Words from strange guy !

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