Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Act Of Giving And Taking In Entrepreneurship

Where,s he running off to ?!

  And the games officially kicked off in London yesterday. I actually missed it though, because i felt it was gonna be the say same old display, like the previous opening ceremonies. Well to be frank i don't remember watching the previous opening ceremonies for the past Olympic games or even the world cup.

It's always takes too long .... I'm always like goshhhhh just get on with it already ! Our naija people never fail to represent as usual especially those dudes who wearing shades by 11 pm in the night. They were coming from a Dbanj concert that is the only logical conclusion, we are   still right behind you Team Nigeria.

I love creativity even before i actually understood what it meant, mainly because it portrays one as being original. I held that notion in my head till i bumped into this definition “Creativity is…seeing something that doesn’t exist already. You need to find out how
you can bring it into being, and that way be a playmate with God.” - Michele Shea

It sure does take courage especially when you want to become an Entrepreneur. The absolute belief that people will actually buy into the goods or service you intend to offer takes a while to build on into once mind.

On my blackberry messenger when going through my updates i always notice hilarious display pictures on some of my contact's profile.
Is it Morroco or Osadebe that made this song ?
I was compelled to see more for myself so i went to the site myowndp.com, which seems to be the source for the pictures and saw the many Dps that were available for free download. Different pictures for different moods giving people the chance to express themselves on their BBM profiles.

Very creative and funny pictures i must admit and a catchy name for a site which will make the it stick to your head. But on instinct i began trying to analyze how the income flows in for this on-line business.

Don't blame me it's just a reflex, all thanks to my igbo blood. So obviously the heads behind this on-line enterprise where targeting a potential area, which is the creating a business-page service.

The Myowndp.com Team
Basically an organization, a musical artiste, seeking to build up it's brand equity, depending on your target market could use this service. Because the business page will provide a platform dedicated to your brand where your fans/customers can download display pictures expressing their love for your brand.

People love pictures, they simply offered the pictures for free which lead to increase in traffic unto their site thereby promoting the awareness about business page services, that they can offer to BRANDS. Very creative ... talk about the act of giving and taking.

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