Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Color Of A Power Suit

    I laughed out very loud when i came across the picture at first but then i began to imagine, if i should give such a reply to a fellow who confidently wears he's or her tats what will the response be like? I believe it all depends on the mindset of the individual wearing the tattoo, basically it's all about perception of how one See's once self that motivates us to make  choices.

Apparently the person who composed this sarcastic writing sees him or herself as a Ferrari, a sophisticated or urbane person so to say. The tattoos is a minor issue when speaking in general, we could apply this concept in other areas of our lives, before making critical decisions.

         We continue the lookout on the URBANE trends for men. You have to keep up with the times, look the path, and keep it polished as a hobby ! What other way can you appear suave than to be seen in a SUIT.

Yes you have to suit up ! Every man needs at least one suit that exudes power, prestige and classic refinement. The power suit is a vital component of any man’s wardrobe regardless of his profession because it serves as his modern-day suit of armor.

The ideal color of a suit that makes a person stand out has got to be the Grey suit. A  Grey suit is the good way to start a man’s formal wardrobe. With an array of gray hues—from the dark charcoal to the silver light grey suits - gray suits are indispensable classic suits.

Grey suits are like the blacks and navy blues in terms of exerting professionalism. The grey suit gives lesser expense when it comes to selecting the perfect match of shirts and ties. The Grey suit actually has a broader choice of apparel to match with since it fits well with any kind of color and shade that will sure enough give a dramatic effect to the suit.
 With regards to the shade of Grey suit, charcoal is a recommended choice for formal wear. And in choosing grey suits it is best to first check on the fit that would accentuate the body.

But the best shade of grey suit that i, can classify as the power suit, has got to be the metallic grey. 
Grey is the Color.

If you feel grey suit is  not the ideal color for a power please feel free to share your thoughts.


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