Thursday, 26 July 2012

How Bad Do You Want It ? (Urbane Life)

      You know; i have this friend who should have being on the entire series of the Fast and the Furious. He loves speed, power and balance, i know what you are thinking yeah he drives a BMW ! No matter how much i try to beg him while i am on my knees to just slow down he gives me the Vin Diesel look and says ..... Buckle up.

I can't lie i do enjoy the speed (140 km/hrs  to 200) especially when we are rushing somewhere, but i make it clear to him "you've got to pype down bro". I admire the way he goes for what he likes whether it is accepted by people or not, he can't be bothered. He once told me when he pushes a car to the limit and it responds well,
it feels like orgasm to him. Weird right ? what a freak.

   Memory is not perfect but it is more accurate than imagination, that's why i love the human mind. A gift to us all from which our thoughts emerge that shapes us into the people we tend to become, by the actions we take. The mind speaks to you, it has all the answers. You don't have to follow the trend entirely you can either improve on it or create a new one depending on your personality and lifestyle.

So far i have seen enough to make me realize that success in any endeavor is driven by passion, by one not  being trapped by the dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Who cares what people think ? if you fail they will criticize you , you succeed hmmmm just wait and watch them knock you off the pedestal they initially put you on.

Follow your passion no matter what people say, its the love for what you do that keeps the passion going and gives you inspired thoughts on how to improve upon your business.

 I look at Dj Jimmy Jatt and Olisa Adibua and  remember when i used to watch them on T.V in the early 1990s, and i was wondered if they were bothered about what people were thinking i don't think we we would have seen the Jimmy Jatt snapback. or Naija Sings

Because almost everything is all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure these things should just fall away, leaving only what is truly important. Thinking you have something to lose is so irrelevant.  Our society is so judgmental. People can talk all day but won't stand up to do a thing, so you have no reason not to follow your heart. Just stay away from such people.

As a matter of fact run as far away from them as possible, for your own sanity and happiness.

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