Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Focus On Chithub's Potentials.

Lightning Bolt
All he needed was 9.63 seconds in London in other to smash his Beijing Olympic record of 9.69 seconds. Usain Bolt is simply an urbane athlete

Canada’s 1996 gold medalist Donovan Bailey, proving to be as good a prognosticator as he was an Olympic performer, had said it was going to take 9.6-something to win, and shrugged off all the negativity surrounding Bolt.

"Somebody is going to have to run a perfect race to beat Usain,” he said. No one else had ever come close to that kind of perfection. Bolt was the only one who knew the way. I can bet my money that Bolt can turn off the lights in his room and hit the sheets before the lights go off. That is what the world recognizes; Super Achievers, Bolt has that in mind delivers 100% and He's personal brand just keeps soaring.

   A couple of months back i had to attend a certain function not because it's a hobby of mine, but primarily because of a client. I had to psyche up myself to go because it was a long drive but the small chops made it worthwhile. Anyways before I made my way into the hall i spotted this makeshift stand, you get to see at functions, and the lady manning the station caught my attention ( don't judge me). After introducing her business i got interested because i've got keen interest in business, especially on-line business.

She called the name of her company chithub very catchy name and very easy to remember. Today's focus will on what chithub has to offer.

 Basically it an on-line business that provides a secure and reliable  E-commerce platform. With Central Bank Of Nigeria trying to promote cashless transactions in the economy, i have started noticing a few E-commerce platforms springing up gradually even though the awareness is still at a premature stage, the future looks promising.

Chithub Services

  On-line shopping and selling, reservations, auctions can be performed on this site on your laptop and mobile devices. They have got quite a number of companies operating on their clientèle base, which involves companies who seek for a way to make the products and services known to the populace.
 Seems like an ideal way for entrepreneurs to market their goods or services don't you think ? Actually this is the first E-commerce site i have stumbled upon in Nigeria that, offers an affiliate program.

The affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site or blogs which advertises chithub or specific products on it. 
Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn "you" the affiliate a commission. The standard commission rate is currently 5%.
 Check it out and give me your feedback on your observations or experiences you have had with them and, if you have information of on-line business in Nigeria offering an affiliate program please share !

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