Monday, 17 September 2012

Why you need to go harder..... Naija

They say; regardless of how it goes down life goes on ...... you can either choose to live your life or let your life live you.  The world tends to bestow upon every individual a role to play, but you can choose to accept the role or tell the world; go f**k yourself.

Excuse my French,  i,m very passionate about being being different , especially in an environment where people thrive on  talking more but do less. A couple of months back like 3 months ago to be specific. i came across an article written by an info-tech correspondent, for  a popular media company who hinted that Africa especially Nigeria's future potential in the area of on-line business ( social commerce, E-commerce) will be  massive. Since everyone is going mobile it was only logical .

President Barrack Obama last month predicted Nigeria to be the next economic success story in the world. Hmmmm seems like a Wash statement right ? but when you take a look at the number American companies currently flying in to the country to set up shop, you better think again they all know something we don't know.

 Last weekend... i again stumbled upon a  blog post about " How 30 year old Ladi Delano created a billion dollar investment company" .

CEO, Bakrie Delano Africa (Nigeria)

 Rick Ross's hustle ain't got nothing on this Fresh Naija Bo$$. Quoting what he said at the end of the article Ladi said  " All entrepreneurs suffer periodic ups and downs and running a successful, profitable business isn’t easy. If it was, everybody would be doing it. But this is Africa’s time and the demand levels within our own continent’s domestic economy needs satisfying. This is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurial, hard working individuals.”

Enough said. The people who say there are no opportunities in Nigeria need to look again, and those who say things are hard .... well .... its time to go harder.

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