Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Social Media Lesson From TFAMasterclass

 A picture can say a thousands words "they say" . Well truth be told it sure does and that,s why currently we are so hooked up on visual contents, especially on social media platforms.

This viral trend i must say, motivated Mark Zuckerberg into purchasing Instagram. We just like snapping "photo" especially you ladies, i notice some people have treat their twitter profile like its a blackberry messenger........ true story.

David Meerman Scott. categorically stated why blogging is the key to on-line marketing, quoting him he said "the rules of marketing & PR have changed. Now buyers are finding answers to their problems on-line. They search Google, read on-line portals and news sites and are active on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Your buyers watch YouTube videos, listen to bloggers’ advice and opinions, and visit company websites. Are you reaching them?

 The Future Nigeria decide to put together a seminar at Tera culture V.I Lagos on the 25th of July                 ( yesterday). The event was tagged #TFAMasterclass and was facilitated by flourishing on-line personalities to help unravel the secrets of blogging.
Omojuwa and the HOT Ikeji (facilitators)

Noble Igwe (facilitator) and also Banky W bro i guess !
I couldn't make it to the venue but i was able to follow the live twitter feed series #TFAMasterclass

The very information i had being searching for a while just flowed in which given by Cheta Nwanze, who mentioned that.... 3.17 million Nigerians (people who log on from Nigeria) are on Facebook. 18 million are on Twitter. 4.5 million are active BB users.

You can imagine the potential your business stands if you have a social media manager, who can  warm your Brand into hearts of the 4.5 million blackberry users. Just a thought !

Click here for more analysis from the facilitators.

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