Sunday, 15 July 2012

Refined Colorblocking For The Urbane Man !


    Few hours ago i was listening to Trey Songz's latest track; heartbreak and i kept the song on repeat, it,s a habit of mine, i always play a good song i come across until i get tired of it. I might not be so into the words of the song, just a cool beat to keep me nodding my head while i work is all i need. But Tremaine's wordings on this track really got me thinking, if i should ever fall in love and have my heart broken .... again !  I,ll lock myself indoors and place a " leave the food and go away mat" on my doorstep. Seriously i,ve got a door mat with those inscription.
Anyways moving on to the main agenda or preferably the main focus of the day, which is on; colorblocking as an urbane trend for men.  I remember how my bro used to say, “don’t wear orange pants with a pink tee, unless you want to feature as an extra in a music video shoot for Awilo Longumba alongside Denrele.
Well i had to force myself to forget what my bro said even though he was my style mentor, by picking up an interest in something called ‘Color Blocking!

The most stylish trend of this season, as per all the fashion magazines, from Elle to GQ is color blocking. It is as the word says, putting blocks of colors next to each other to create a colorful, bright, dazzling outfit. Which does not mean that you use ten different colors in one go, and make yourself look like a walking reason for people to point and just have a good laugh.

I just admire the confidence with which he strikes a pose and probably fellow to perform a stunt, by snapping him "photo" for the display picture on he's blackberry messenger. Gosh i feel like plucking my eye out !

Pick two-three interesting colors that look fabulous together, like purple and burnt orange, or turquoise and yellow, or sky blue and chilli red, and so on. To be frank i have no idea what does colors look like i can't identify a turquoise colored car if it climbs my feet.

If you are not a fan of the bright colors like i am but you want to colorblock and keep it subtle

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