Wednesday, 29 August 2012

4 Regular Fashion Mistakes Men Make

You know when i see a work of art of this nature on a beach it makes me realize that
  1.  Imagination is key
  2. Your passion is what keeps you going , so do what you love.
  3. I need to stop going to elegushi beach at night.  
It's trend that i keep following and to be frank i ain't digging it no more. I don't think i have stepped my feet into the waters at that beach to know what it feels like let alone build a sand castle.

We all know fashion is a way of life ! it's a way of telling people who you are without you having to say a word. Basically it's about expressing yourself enough to exert an influence where ever you find yourself.

But a lot of guys make a mistake of.... ermmm, no; they make a lot of mistakes, or it can be simply stated that they create a disaster trying to look "hip" so to say.

Here are the common mistakes some dudes make trying to look "Hip"

  • Confusing A Dress Shirt With A Casual Shirt:
A Typical Casual Shirt

Dress shirts aren't casual shirts; you can tell by the length of the shirt if it is meant to be tucked in or not .

If the length of the shirt reaches your lower thighs ? its a dress shirt bro.

  •  Wearing Shades Indoors

Wearing shades indoors will make it hard for you to notice people making fun of you.

Unless your name is Rasaki the welder or you are an upcoming/ down-coming musician       ( even though i still don't get the idea), then you're excused.

Or better still wear the geek glasses and stay .......... OUT-side...... STANDING.

  • Wearing The Super Skinny Jeans

  Like seriously where does your nuts fit in there bro ?! Not everyone is supposed to wear the skinnys. Some are too skinny to wear it while some are too fat to look good in it.
The Ideal Skinny Pants
 Wear what suits you ! Obey your style because your body truly deserves it.

  • Perfume Cloud

    The odd thing about wearing too much perfume is that; just like a person who has body odor can't tell he smells , you also cant't tell you have overstepped the spray limit. You might be able to notice the odd looks people give you if you are sharp enough.

     Or you could stand close to a 2 year child and if he/she starts coughing like he has asthma, then that is a sure sign for you to turn it down bro.

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