Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What Has Become Of Us ?

Depends on how you look at it.

People say that's the biggest lie in the world, but at the same time people aren't interested, with the way you really feel deep inside. Especially if it's a negative feeling.

They say it's a beautiful lie ! well i call it simply being reasonable, and,
maintaining control of your emotions, because when push comes to shove you are the only person, that you can rely on.
 Not everyone wants to hear your sad story, people are occupied with their own issues.

I have noticed that people tend towards believing a beautiful lie than the truth, it sounded kind off surreal to me, till i decided to analyze the trend. It can be simply stated that we find it so hard to tell ourselves the truth, because some of us don't exactly love ourselves. You say nah.... i do love myself and i ask you again really ?
You hesitate to give me an answer and that simply means you absolutely don't, because my asking you again shouldn't have made you hesitate in giving me a sound response.

Why you ask ?
Mind Power

It's all in the mind. What you expressed the second time i asked "if you love yourself ", was an emotional feeling  which occured on reflex after you considered all the things that are going wrong in your life.

That's were we get it all wrong, simply change your mindset to the positives, do you have a friend that always complains drop him/her off at the next B.R.T  stop asap, if you don't like your present environment then it's time for transfer talks. You are the BOSS.

You need all the sanity you can get in other to develop an urbane mind, clearing out all negative feelings from your mind is a top priority. Your thoughts must come under control and no matter what you face in life show absolutely no fear.

Fear is the enemy of will, will is what makes you take action, fear is what stops you and makes you weak. You must ignore your fears ! when you are afraid you can't act, when you can't act you can't defend, and, when you can't defend ...... your mind dies in silence and that's what leads people into feeling inferior about themselves.

The change begins with us, are you willing to embrace ?

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