Thursday, 2 August 2012

Why You Should Give Sarcasm A Chance

    Actually i started the build up on today's post on something concerning Life's rules. I was halfway through with my write up, should have wrapped it up earlier though but i decided to checkout the Olympic basket ball game between Nigeria and, the U.S.A team, male category. The shocking result i saw in the 1st quarter made me turn off the T.V on impulse..... Damn that was some incredible ass whooping.

I went on twitter to see peoples reaction to the game and also follow the game, since i wasn't brave enough to watch it. And all hell broke loose! I was surprised by how emotional people were getting as D-Tigers  were getting pummeled,. Some lady actually tweeted that "she feels ashamed to be a Nigerian" and i was like what a tosser, so if you engage in something and fail at it you will feel ashamed of yourself  for trying right ?

It was a shock to see how people were taking this way too personal grow some balls guys! if you feel this way, can you imagine how the players receiving the trashing of their lives will be feeling ! Yes,the Americans had a record win...but D'Tigers also had the highest points scored against USA in any major contest by an African team. I believe that counts for something don't you ?

And then i heard our Ghanian brothers were taunting us. Hahahahaha wait till tomorrow by midday and then we can see who,s talking, i am too lazy to search for my torchlight at the moment. Twitter was crazy with a lot of sarcastic comments flying left right and center, it was truly epic, I literally fell off my bed when some dude tweeted  " If Nigerians play with the anger of visa rejection they did win". It was an epic night of laughter. Made me forget about the poor result.

I will not even even bring up the talk about how Kobe and Lebron James were laughing at the D'tigers as they still kept their heads up to see what they could get. All i can say is.... Have you ever seen Lionel  Messi score 6 goals against a team and starts laughing at the goal keeper or the entire team ? Go figure. Football still remains the supreme sport to me and kudos to the D'tigers you gave it all you had. I still stay proudly Nigerian no matter what, born and raised in the city of Lasgidi.

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