Monday, 10 September 2012

Is Your Culture Your Brand ?

   I came across a certain quote that said "Your culture is your brand" i didn't understand it initially , so i used it as a PM on my blackberry messenger to see people's reaction, and possibly chat with someone  about it with. I waited impatiently until finally with great relief, a friend of mine who is an artist pinged me, and after our usual yabbing session , he asked me what the quote on my P.M meant ?

And  then in a few seconds i was able to figure it out ! (that's why it's good to have conversation with people) I asked him; what do you know Fela for ?
I've tried copying this stance, just can't seem to get it !

       His reply was a bit disjointed ..... he knew the answer but he didn't know how to phrase it, so i had    to save him from his misery. 

Fela Kuti   was bold, stood up for his beliefs , and was never scared of expressing himself. That was his identity, it was a way of life for him, therefore that was his brand.  This qualities made him accepted by the world at large which in return made him very influential socially and in today's Naija music.                                                  

What makes people powerful and influential in life? Well....there are Six Weapons of Influence namely:
 1) Scarcity    2) Likability 3) Consistency 
4) Authority 5) Social Proof and 6) Reciprocity. 

But how do you influence others in a world with no rules? No hierarchy? There's a seventh weapon of influence that is unique to the Internet and unique to now, suggests Mark W.Schaefer . And that's content. We all have the power to influence one another with the content we share. Fela created musical contents that tilted towards influencing a positive change and he did so passionately.

Social media provides a medium for sharing of contents in various forms. If you want to make your on-line presence influential, 
  • Take a step back to think about the value you can add based on who you are and the expertise or the unique service or solution that only you can provide
  • Define why you are different than your competition
  • Design the professional brand and the persona you would like to convey online
  • Describe “your” experience: What is it that you want people to see or think when they find you in social networks
These pointers will guide you on the kind of contents you will be creating, makes it easier  for one to find out what you are passionate about !

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