Thursday, 13 September 2012

What Is Your Mind Focusing On ?

    Today was one of them days that really got me into observing a lot going on, around me or the world. It has become so easy to watch and observe once surrounding mainly because of the emergence of social media. You get to notice the trends that dictate human behaviour.

Katt Williams actually tweeted that " Twitter looks like ESPN, Vogue, weather forcaste channel, and the Jerry springer show depending on whom you're following" After laughing out loud (LoL), it made a whole lot of sense to me.

The nature of my hustle is centered all around social media so.... most times I'm always on-line especially on twitter doing a lot of research, searching for opportunities to market my clients. I have seen a lot bullsh*t during my quest on-line but if there is anything social media has taught me, it is the fact that you must learn how to control you Mind by watching your thoughts and your emotions.

We humans are passionate people we can't help it and so when someone else's  belief clashes with your's before you can say "Iphone 5", you start trading words with them. For the past 2 months i always come across weird tweets with links to crazy and bizarre stories. It is the work of some bloggers (like myself) seeking large traffic to their site so they can get people to advertise on their site. Rarely do i see links to info that could be beneficial to people

It sickens me to say the least, because if you really care about your audience you will offer them a sense of sanity, by sharing the problems and the solutions in your content. So much horrible news on their sites that it could mess up some peoples minds. We have to be careful of what we see , read and hear often because your  mind  absorbs and focuses on it. That's why the violence, the anger and the hate keeps spreading.

I believe there are some good things happening out there !

In life you take take the good with the bad, but you must not focus entirely on the bad, it can make one paranoid. Focus your thoughts  on positivity ...... it's the Urbane way to live.

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