Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Successful Strategy For Your Facebook Biz Page

Every single day i ask myself, why are certain things just the way they are ? The trivia keeps me in a maze and often the maze i find myself in amazes me.

But so is life ...... a brief  analysis of your past can help maintain momentum in the present, since we as humans can be so forgetful.

 So what questions do you ask yourself to avoid  getting lost in this World ? That's were meditation comes into play.

 Lots of small businesses keep springing up these days, a trend i see as an interesting one. People are motivated to engage things they enjoy doing.

After a lot of initial actions taken to kick-start your business, people tend to lose steam, after lack of success is noticed and then another dream goes down the drain. So not cool ! Especially when you discover the reason for the demise of the business. It could be a lack of business  plan, lack of awareness for what you have to  offer.

It must not always have to do with capital, it more or less the lack of an idea. Based on current observation; the major issue SMes face is getting the word out there about their business.

You feel social media has no place in your business, because you think its for the YOLO generation.

Well..... think again. For those who have embraced the change and have set up a business page facebook,  but struggle with is that 50-500 fan segment. It's all in the planning.

Many find it pretty easy to get 40 or 50 likes from their friends, family, associates etc but often they are not interested in the business other than to support their friend or relative.

Stalling fan growth is just a symptom of a bigger problem.
There are three fundamental pillars that make up a successful strategy on Facebook:
  1. Brand:  The more a business can articulate and refine who they really are, the better they will be at publishing content on Facebook that makes sense for their business goals.
  2. Audience:  The better a business understands their audience, the easier it will be to publish content that they will like, comment on, and share.
  3. Message: Messaging is nothing more then a two-way conversation between a business and their audience. A refined and articulated brand and audience naturally leads to effective messaging (content) that works for both the business and the fans.
It can be tough running your business and managing your presence on social media, that is why you need to make a date with a social media consultant or a social media manager. Anything worth doing is worth doing incredibly well.

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